3 x Brake Cleaner – BRAKE SHINE

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Dry brake cleaner specific for brake discs. Removes grease, dust and oil residues.


Brake Cleaner

Dry brake cleaner specific for degreasing brake discs. Removes grease, dust and oil residues. It does not attack metal and gaskets, does not damage the paint and does not damage the ABS sensors. Quick dry. Cleans, degreases and eliminates dust, grease, oil and tar deposits from bicycle (eg MTB) and motorcycle brake discs.

Does not attack rubber, plastic, O-rings and sensors, ensuring uniform surface cleaning.

  • Easy to use, it quickly removes dirt, dust, oil and grease;
  • Dries in minutes;
  • Does not damage o-z-x ring;
  • It leaves no residue;

Regular cleaning of the brakes reduces wear and maintains its performance for longer. It is advisable to use the product after each washing and lubrication of parts close to the brake discs in order to have maximum braking performance. It cleanses and degreases with maximum effectiveness, does not damage O / X / Z rings and seals. Brake Cleaner helps to reduce any brake noise. Very effective in cleaning drum brakes too. Its specific formulation makes it particularly practical also for the degreasing of all mechanical parts from where you want to remove oil and dirt, leaving the piece perfectly clean and dry.

It also offers excellent anti-corrosion protection and leaves no oily residue. Special cleaner designed specifically for cleaning brakes. Easily removes all types of dirt, grease and encrustations without leaving residues. Perfect for use on both motorcycles and bicycles. Developed for a fast and effective cleaning of brake discs. The use of this cleaner improves the performance of the braking system, quickly removing dirt and oil residues from the braking system.

Veco BRAKE SHINE is an exceptional product, with very high performance.

Available in 400ml format.

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3 x Brake Cleaner - BRAKE SHINE

31.72 (incl. VAT)